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When the job hunt goes on a little too long, some of us may get less-than-ideal calls from banks and collection agencies. Well, on the other end of those calls there’s a real person who spends all day trying to recover overdue credit cards and loans. 

Next to “the guy who gives out parking tickets” this can be one of the hardest jobs out there, and legacy bank systems make it even more stressful.

So we’ve set out to use the power of cutting edge AI and the sheer scale of banking data to build a virtual coach for these collections agents to help them identify who’s actually able to pay versus a waste of time, and identify what are the “needle moving strategies” these agents can apply with customers to get the best outcome for everyone.

We’re already working with the biggest players in banking and collections. You will work with an all-star CEO responsible for 3 startup exits and rockstar developer team with a background at UofT. We work with cutting edge AI technology, including voice recognition and natural language processing. The position will be filled with challenging and interesting work, and your role can grow as quickly as your skills develop.

We are hiring developers to join us in Toronto. We are looking for someone who is passionate about design, good code and wants to continually grow their skills as a developer. Ideally, we are looking for someone who is excited about artificial intelligence (AI) and the retail banking industry.

Front End Developer

Frontend ninja with skills in CSS and React to build business-oriented web-based interfaces

Backend API Developer

Backend wizard to build secure and reliable systems that power innovative applications

Data Analyst

Data and AI guru for finding patterns, insights, needles in haystacks of enterprise data

Proficiency with React, Typescript (or JS), Python, SQL and Tensorflow are all assets. Together with your passion and skills in creating digital experiences, we will bring to life an amazing web product that will change collections forever!

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Our Office

We have a dedicated Toronto office in Yorkville, near Yonge and Bloor subway station.

920 Yonge St, Unit 1002
Toronto, ON, M4W 3C7